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mpiBot was started by nezZario sometimes in 2004. I wanted to prove, at the time, that PHP was a good, stable language for creating long-lasting processes (e.x. daemons).


  • April 2004 - The first version, [Alpha 1] or A1 was released at SourceForge. I would of been 14 or 15 years old when releasing this.
  • June 2004 - A second version, Alpha 2 was planned as a bug fix release. Many bugs were fixed but this version was unfortunately never released.
  • The code let lay for quite a while until…
  • Sometimes in 2007 a rewrite was started, which included new ideas and was mostly written but a complete bot was never finished, therefore the code dubbed “Alpha 3” was never released. Subsequently in 2007, two other branches, Alpha 3B and Alpha3C were branched from Alpha 3 in another attempt to finish the bot, but was also never completed.
  • In Sept. 2009, the code was revived again with Alpha 4, and a branch of Alpha 4 dubbed Alpha 4X. This was more or less a major update, not a rewrite, from Alpha 3. The final codebase from 2009 was also never released, but dubbed Alpha 4Z.
  • In early 2010 development was revived once again, finally making serious progress. Although PRC1 is a complete from-scratch rewrite, it borrows serious code from the A4 group of codebases and some from A3.
  • Late 2011 to Early 2012 - A lot of development took place and we can now connect to an IRC server again using brand-new very clean code. The code was an essential somewhat careful mashing of tons of unfinished codebases.
  • April 30, 2012 - A wiki was created. I am starting back putting focus into this project after being distracted for the last 2 months with commercial work and real-world life.
  • Jul. 7, 2012 - I rewrote the socketry for the last time, and commited changes to SVN. I guess we're “official” now.